Lux Romana I & II

These collections aspire to capture the Italy of mid century Italian advertisements: a world of artists, ocean views, fruit hanging on the trees, and all in the glow of a Tuscan sun. We can't yet confirm if the collections help or worsen a nagging desire to go to Positano.  

Prim ladies and wild flowers i & II

The traditional Korean dress, hanbok, and the women who wear it sparked these collections along with the French Japonism movement of the last half of the 19th century. We love the contradiction of the rigid structure of hanbok and the fluid style of (then) new, modern French painters. 

Terra nova

Terra nova, meaning "new land," is fittingly Aesthete studio's first collection. No matter how many times artists come back to the designs of ancient Greece and Rome, we always end up with something different. Starting at the beginning, this collection is built on these limitless traditions.

Christmas Folk Song

Christmas Folk Song was inspired by Matyó embroidery. The small ethnic community in Hungary is known for creating the most exceptional and beautifully ornate traditional dress and embroidery. The designs are filled with floral motifs, bright colors and a sense of joy.